Test d anglais B1 – expressions related to days

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B1+

Match these expressions related to days in english to the explanations below:Test d anglais

1 here today, gone tomorrow
2 that Monday morning feeling
3 a month of Sundays
4 need something yesterday
5 Black Friday
6 not born yesterday

__ the day following Thanksgiving in the USA, regarded as the beginning of the Christmas
shopping season and when most major retailers open very early and offer promotional sales
__ require something urgently
__ experienced, knowledgeable in the ways of the world
__ available or popular now, but soon to be gone or unpopular
__ a very long time
__ unhappy that the weekend has finished and you have to go back to work

Now respond to these statements using the expressions studied:

1 One American shopping tradition is catching on around the world.
2 He’s so slow – it’ll take him ages to learn the new IT system.
3 I can’t stop – the boss told me she wants this report now.
4 You can tell him your alarm clock didn’t ring, but I’m not sure he’ll believe you.
5 New business startups often don’t last long – about six months is common.
6 Monday again – I really don’t want to be here.

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