Test d anglais B1 – expressions with « up » in english

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B1+

Test d anglais

Match these expressions to the explanations:

1 what’s up?
2 something is up
3 on the up and up
4 be up for something
5 ups and downs
6 up and about

__ something unusual or undesirable is happening
__ having risen from bed, active
__ what is going on? what is the matter?
__ alternate good and bad fortune
__ want to do something or being considered for
__ making good progress, improving all the time


Complete these sentences with the expressions above:

1 “Are you _____________ a game of squash later?” “Yes, that would be great.”
2 « __________________? » « Nothing, I’m fine. » « Come on, I know _____________________, you’ve been quiet all day. »
3 Living abroad has its ______________________, but generally, it’s a rewarding experience.
4 We thought John would be in bed for weeks after his accident, but he was _________________ in days.
5 The film should be good. It was _________________ Best Picture at this year’s Oscars.
6 My team has been _______________________ since it got a new manager. They have won their last six games.


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