Test d anglais B1 – A study of threepart phrasal verbs

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B1+

« look forward to », « come up with » are examples of three-part phrasal verbs.

These verbs are usually inseparable (i.e. the three parts can’t be separated by the object) except in very few cases.

Test d anglais
There are more phrasal verbs of this type. Try to match these to their meanings:

1 get away with

2 get on with

3 come down with

4 live up to

5 look up to

6 stand up for

7 run out of

8 put up with

____ defend someone or something

____ tolerate

____ escape punishment or detection

____ admire, respect

____ have a friendly relationship with (someone)

____ finish one’s supply of (something)

____ do or behave as expected

____ become sick with (an illness)


Complete these sentences with the appropriate form of the verbs above:

1 I need to go to the supermarket, we’ve ______________________ milk.

2 “Do you __________________ your sister?” “Yes, I tell her everything, she’s like a friend really.”

3 I don’t know how you _____________________ your boss, he’s unbearable.

4 He’s badly behaved and his parents are too soft on him, they let him _______________ murder.

5 I’m ____________________________ my summer holiday, we’re going on a safari.

6 Many people ______________________ Nelson Mandela for his achievements.

7 Sarah is ______________________ her reputation as a hard boss by forcing everyone to
work overtime when necessary.

8 I got stuck in the snow and _____________________________________ flu.

9 The union boss said we should _____________________________ our rights.


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