Test d anglais B1 – A study of hand idioms

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B1+

There are lots of expressions in English with the word hand.
Match them to the definitions below:

Test d anglais

1 change hands
2 a safe pair of hands
3 force someone’s hand
4 off someone’s hands
5 be a dab hand
6 bite the hand that feeds you
7 give (sb) a hand
8 cap in hand

__ be very good at an activity (often + at )
__ someone who you can trust to do an important job well
__ be sold or passed from owner to owner
__ do harm to someone who does good things for you
__ make someone do something or make someone do something sooner than they want to
__ with an attitude of respect for someone powerful; humbly
__ out of or removed from someone’s charge, possession, or responsibility
__ help


React to or rewrite these sentences using the expressions above:

1 The accountant stole money from his own company.
2 “Does Steve still own that house?” “No, it’s been bought and sold at least twice since he owned it.”
3 Can you help me to move this desk? It’s too heavy for me alone.
4 “Have you sold your car yet?” “No, I can’t wait to sell it though.”
5 We don’t want to pressure you, but we need you to make a decision today.
6 You can rely on Helen. She’s never let me down.
7 I’m going to ask Tom
8 Keith said he expected to be offered a raise without having to humbly ask his boss first.

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