Test d anglais A2 – A study of apple idioms

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau A2+

There are lots of idioms with apple in English. What do you think these mean?

Test d anglais

the Big Apple
a bad apple
compare apples and oranges
as American as apple pie
upset the applecart


Match the idioms to these explanations:
_____________________ one bad person in a group of people who are good
_____________________ typically American
_____________________ examine the similarities of two things that are totally different
_____________________ New York City
_____________________ cause trouble especially by ruining someone’s plans


Complete these sentences with the idioms:
1 I don’t want to __________________________ now by asking you to change the date for
the meeting.
2 Blue jeans are ________________________________________.
3 The politician said the police are not racist, but a couple of _____________________ can give
the force a bad name.
4 The Empire State Building is a popular tourist attraction in ________________________.
5 You can’t compare Picasso and Caravaggio, they are completely different artists. It’s like ____


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