Test d anglais B1 – phrasal verbs with « stand »

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B1+

Complete the gaps with the following prepositions to make the phrasal verbs defined:

Test d anglais

by, down, for (x2), out, in, up (x2)

1 stand _______ be ready if needed
2 stand _______ be prominent or conspicuous
3 stand _______ give up an official position
4 stand _______ act in place of another
5 stand _______
a) rise to one’s feet from a sitting or other position
b) remain valid, sound, or durable
6 stand _____ _____ support
7 stand _____ be an abbreviation or symbol for; represent; symbolize


Complete the gaps in these sentences with the appropriate prepositions:

1 The TV chef always has a fireman standing __________ in case there is a fire.
2 After three years as president of the club, John stood __________.
3 One of the musicians was ill, so a friend stood __________ for him in the concert.
4 Simon really stands __________ in China because he is 6ft tall and very blond.
5 The children always stand __________ when their teacher enters the room.
6 If your boss criticises you unfairly, you must stand __________ ______ him.
7 No one ever stands __________ ______ me, I really need some support.
8 NATO stands _____________ ‘North Atlantic Treaty Organization’.


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