Test d anglais B1 – A study of colour idioms

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B1+

There are lots of colour-related expressions used in business English.

Test d anglais

Complete the idioms defined with the correct colours.
1 in the ______________        in credit
2 ______________ chip          stock considered reliable with respect to both dividend income and capital value
3 in the ______________        in debt
4 ______________ shoots      the first signs that a situation is improving
5 ______________ area          a situation that is ambiguous or lacking clarity
6 ___________ handshake     a lucrative severance agreement offered typically as an inducement to resign or retire


Look at the following sentences which contain the above expressions. Some are correct, but
the expressions have been misused in others. Decide whether the sentence is correct and amend those which are not.

1 Sales are up and expenses are down so we’re in a grey area at the moment.
2 My company offered me a blue chip when they wanted me to leave.
3 Economic data suggests we might finally be seeing the green shoots of recovery.
4 The rules for exporting to China appear contradictory – there are so many black areas.
5 My broker usually recommends golden handshake companies to invest in as they’re safe.
6 I’m afraid our debts exceed our assets, so we’re in the red.


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