Test d anglais B1 – A study of the verb + object + infinitive structure

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B1+

Rearrange the letters to make the words defined.

Test d anglais
1 vemeachient         something accomplished, especially by special effort
2 infpaul                  causing physical discomfort
3 isdeve                    to invent
4 arshe                     to receive jointly; to have something at the same time as someone else
5 ueollceag              a fellow worker or member of staff
6 igfeur uto             to discover
7 ughlroy                 approximately
8 tnwiess                 to see, be present at

Complete these sentences with the correct form of the words:
1 The most ___________________ thing for me is a bad toothache.
2 I _____________________ the robbery so the police asked me to tell them everything I saw.
3 His greatest __________________________ is winning an Olympic gold medal.
4 I know all my ___________________ very well. We have worked together for a long time.
5 They didn’t tell me exactly how long it would take to repair my car, but they said it would be ________________________ five days.
6 We couldn’t ________________________ what was making the noise, but eventually discovered there was a cat trapped in a cupboard.
7 Lisa and Anne got the same points and __________________ first prize in the competition.
8 The company thought their accounting system was good, but the consultant ____________________ a more efficient method of collecting payments.


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