Test d anglais C1- A study of string idioms

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau C1

There are lots of expressions in English with the word string.
Match them to the definitions below:

Test d anglais

1 another string to your bow
2 pull (some) strings
3 have somebody on a string
4 with no strings attached
5 How long is a piece of string?
6 hold the purse strings

__ control the spending of a family’s or an organisation’s money
__ use influence (with someone to get something done)
__ unconditionally; with no obligations or conditions
__ something that you say when someone asks you a question that you cannot answer about how big something is or how long something will take
__ completely control someone’s behaviour
__ an extra skill or qualification


Complete these sentences with the expressions above:

1 You know the boss of the local café. Can you ________________________ and see if you can get me a job there over the summer?
2 None of these offers of free products come ____________________________________. You always have to do or pay something.
3 Jane ______________________________ in this company. You have to talk to her about any purchases.
4 Stewart gets Keith to do all his work for him. He ________________________________.
5 “When are the designers going to finish your website?” “No idea. ______________________________________________.


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