Test d anglais B2 – A study of camping language

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B2+

There are other terms often used regarding camping and caravanning. Try to match the following to the correct definitions (level B2).

Test d anglais

1 a pitch

2 a toilet block

3 an awning

4 a hardstanding

5 a hook-up

6 facilities

___ a connection to an electricity supply

___ amenities and services

___ a space to put a tent or caravan

___ a canopy made of canvas to shelter people or things from rain or sun

___ a paved area where vehicles can be parked

___ a building containing many showers, sinks and toilets


Now use the terms to complete this text:

We love caravanning and so decided to book a ______ for our summer holiday. I phoned several sites to ask about the ______________, for example if there was a laundry area or swimming pool and to ask when the ______________ was built as good hygiene is important. Finally, I booked a week in Cornwall with a _____________ so we can use our fridge and watch the TV and with extra space for our ___________ which we always put up. I insisted that we want a ______ as our caravan is very heavy.


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