Test d anglais B2 – A study of phrasal verbs with ‘up’

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B2+

There are a number of phrasal verbs with ‘up’.
Put these words in the gaps to make the phrasal verbs defined:
give / back / hold / make / pick / setTest d anglais
1 ____________ up    to support
2 ____________ up    to stop doing something + to surrender
3 ____________ up    to delay (someone or something)
4 ____________ up    to establish
5 ____________ up    to collect someone from a place (station, school, etc.)
6 ____________ up    to make friends with someone after an argument


Complete these sentences with the phrasal verbs studied:
1 “If I make a suggestion in the meeting, will you __________ me up?” “Of course, you can count on my support.”
2 After years of arguing they finally _______________ up.
3 They ____________ up the company ten years ago and now it has fifty employees.
4 I was ______________ up in traffic on my way to _____________ Steve up from the airport. I arrived half an hour late.
5 I _________________ up smoking last year. It was difficult, but I feel better now.
6 Foreign students ______________ up 10 percent of the people studying at Harvard University.
7 We need to _______________ up our Internet security measures. A lot of companies have been hacked recently.


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