Test d anglais B2 – A study of dog idioms

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B2+

There are lots of expressions with dog in English (level b2)

Match these idioms to the definitions below.

Test d anglais

1 a dog’s breakfast

2 as sick as a dog

3 call off the dogs

4 underdog

5 dog-eat-dog

6 tail wagging the dog
___ cruel, highly competitive
___ something that has been done very badly
___ one who is expected to lose a contest or struggle
___ stop chasing, threatening or hounding
___ very unwell
___ a situation where a small part controls the whole of something


Respond to these prompts using the expressions above:

1 I know you deserved the promotion, but life is hard for everybody.
2 I’m afraid I can’t come to work today as I feel awful.
3 The report that David wrote is appalling.
4 The financial media attacked us for a long time, but now they seem to support us.
5 It’s the smallest division of the company, but they decide everything.
6 We are much smaller than Microsoft, but we want to challenge them in China.


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