Test d anglais B1 – expressions with « Keep » in English

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B1+

There are a number of expressions with ‘keep’ in English.
Complete the gaps with following words to make the expressions defined.

Test d anglais


up with the Joneses

one’s word


one’s eyes peeled

a stiff upper lip

track of

one’s fingers crossed

one’s nose clean


1. keep ________________ to stop from going bankrupt

2. keep ________________ to follow the course or development of

3. keep ________________ to try to compete socially with one’s neighbours or peers

4. keep ________________ to do what one has promised

5. keep ________________ to maintain your composure; not to let your emotions go

6. keep ________________ to be alert

7. keep ________________ to hope something will succeed

8. keep ________________ to stay out of trouble



Complete these sentences with the expressions above:

1. You can trust me, you know I always…

3. “Liz gets a new car every year.” “I know, she’s just trying to…

2. The animals are very shy, so if you want to see one, you have to…

4. I want us to stay friends, so when you move, please…

5. After leaving prison, the reformed criminal promised to…

6. I’m not sure how well I did in the exam, but until the results come out all I can do is…

7. My teacher … all his students after they have left his class.

8. Greece is going to need more money if it wants to…


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