Test d anglais B1 – expressions with ‘book’

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B1+

Match these expressions to the explanations below:Test d anglais

1 cook the books
2 in someone’s bad (or good) books
3 on the books
4 take a leaf out of someone’s book
5 read someone like a book
6 by the book
7 judge a book by the cover

__ contained in a list of members, employees, or clients
__ to do false accounting
__ to imitate someone in a particular way
__ to make a decision about what something is like just by looking at it
__ strictly according to the rules
__ in disfavour (or favour) with someone
__ to be able to know someone’s thoughts from his or her body language or other behaviour


Complete these sentences with the expressions above:

1 “I’m bored with my job.” “Well, __________________________ and take a year off. I did it and
returned completely energised.”
2 Our son is a great footballer. Manchester United already have him _____________________.
3 This has to be done correctly, so please do everything _______________________________.
4 I gave him the wrong information and now I’m ____________________________________.
5 I can’t believe these figures, I think someone has ___________________________________.
6 Harry is lying to me. I can _____________________________________________________.
7 “He looks a bit strange.” “Don’t ________________________________, he’s a really nice guy.”


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