Test d anglais B2 – ‘drink’ expressions in English

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B2+ 

Match the expression to the right explanation:

Test d anglais1. wake up and smell the coffee
2. to cry over spilt milk
3. not for all the tea in China
4. to wine and dine (someone)
5. a storm in a teacup
6. a beer belly
7. beer money
8. small beer

__ a small amount of money allowed or earned
__ pay attention to what is happening
__ to treat someone to an expensive meal, to entertain someone
in a lavish manner
__ a thing that is considered unimportant
__ great anger or excitement about something unimportant
__ to complain about something that has already happened
__ not for anything
__ a man’s protruding stomach


Complete the following statements using the expressions.

1. I wouldn’t work in Iraq for ________________________________.
2. I told her to forget about the past and to ________________________________.
3. He’s unemployed, but does odd jobs for__________________________.
4. The executives _____________________________ their clients in an attempt to get
their business.
5. Can’t you see that they are going to close the office? The manager’s already been
transferred. Why don’t you _______________________________________________?
6. I’ve got a _____________________________ since I stopped exercising.
7. The argument about the cleaning rota was ___________________________.
8. My boss said using taxis was __________________ in the context of all our spending.


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