Test d anglais B2- A study of Shakespearean expressions

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B2+

There are lots of Shakespearean expression commonly used in English.
Match them to these explanations:

Test d anglais

1 a foregone conclusion
2 all’s well that ends well
3 cold comfort
4 come full circle
5 out of the question
6 it’s all Greek to me
7 a fool’s paradise
8 good riddance
9 the long and the short of it
10 up in arms

__ I can’t understand it at all
__ the most important point; the gist of the matter
__ not possible
__ very angry
__ to arrive back at one’s starting point
__ an easily predictable result
__ poor or inadequate consolation
__ if the end result is good, then everything is OK
__ an expression of pleasure when you get rid of something you do not like
__ a state of happiness based on false hope


Complete these sentences with the expressions above:

1 Manchester United is playing an unknown team from Greenland. The result is _____________________.
2 “Can I take my dog onto the plane?” “I’m sorry, that’s __________________________.”
3 The economic recovery is ______________________ to those who have already lost their jobs.
4 We lived in London when we were children and now we are here again. We’ve __________________________.
5 I missed the bus, but managed to catch a train. So, _____________________________.
6 Can you help me with this manual because __________________________________?
7 The passengers were ________________________ when the flight was cancelled.
8 The EU’s deal with Greece is ________________________. All of the fundamental problems still remain.
9 “What was decided in the meeting?” “_____________________________ is that the CEO is being sacked.” “_____________________________. I never liked him.”


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