Test d anglais B2 – A study of phrasal verbs with ‘get’

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B2+

There are lots of phrasal verbs with ‘get’ (level B2).

Complete the gaps to make the phrasal verbs defined.

Test d anglais
1 get (someone) _________ depress (someone)
2 get _________ imply
3 get _________ _____ begin working on or discussing
4 get _________ have just enough of something to do what you need to
5 get _________ become interested or involved in
6 get _________ be acquitted
7 get _________ overcome a difficulty / recover from an illness
8 get _____ _____ to do


Complete these sentences with the appropriate prepositions:
1 “What did you get ______________ on your day off?” Not much, I played tennis in the morning and went to the cinema in the afternoon.”
2 “Certain things need to change in this office.” “What are you getting _______? If you have a problem, tell us directly.”
3 I never watch the news. It just gets me ________________. It’s all so negative.
4 There was not enough evidence to convict the robber so he got _________.
5 “Do you still have flu?” “No, I got ____________ it really quickly, thanks.”
6 I got _________ rugby during this world cup. I had never watched it before, but didn’t miss a match during the whole tournament.
7 We got ________ on just four hours sleep a night when we were setting up the business. We worked all day and a lot of the night.
8 Let’s get ___________________ work. We have a lot to do.


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