Test d anglais B1 – A study of ‘railway’ expressions

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B1+

There are a number of ‘railway’ expressions in English.

Match the idioms to these definitions:

Test d anglais

1 just the ticket
2 railroad (someone)
3 the end of the line
4 sidetrack
5 on the wrong/right track
6 let off steam 9 derail
7 chug along
8 a train wreck
9 derail

__ stop the progress of

__ do or say something to release one’s anger or frustration
__ very suitable and exactly what is needed
__ move along at a steady pace
__ a total disaster or failure
__ the very end
__ doing something in the incorrect/correct way
__ cause (someone) to talk about or do something different and less important
__ force someone to do something, especially quickly or unfairly


Complete these sentences with the expressions:

1 The insurance salesman ___________________ me and got me to sign the contract
before I had time to think about it.
2 The students ______________ their teacher by asking him questions about his weekend.
3 The presentation was a _________________. The projector broke, the sound system was
inaudible and most of the audience left before the end.
4 After a stressful day in the office I ___________________ at the gym.
5 Although we are _____________________ we are only _________________ with the
new project. I would like to be progressing more quickly.
6 The politician knew he had reached _______________________ when he lost his third
election in a row.
7 The change in employment laws _______________ their plans to take on new staff.
8 “You look tired. Do you fancy a coffee?” “Yes, that would be __________________.”


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