Test d anglais B1 – A study of gun idioms

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B1+

There are a number of ‘gun’ idioms in English. What do you think these mean?

Test d anglais1 go great guns
2 jump the gun
3 stick to one’s guns
4 the smoking gun
5 put a gun to somebody’s head
6 under the gun
7 with all guns blazing
8 gun for


Match the idioms to these explanations:

____ to start too soon
____ to go very well
____ to force someone to do what you want
____ under pressure
____ to remain firm in one’s convictions
____ the indisputable sign of guilt
____ to go after in earnest; set out to obtain
____ with a lot of force and energy


Complete these sentences with the idioms:

1 Despite all the criticism, she __________________________, didn’t change what she
was doing and finally achieved her goal.
2 The June 23, 1972 tape from the Watergate affair was called the _________________
tape because it contained clear evidence of wrongdoing.
3 “How’s your business?” “It’s ________________________ thanks. We’re doing really
4 You don’t have to come if you don’t want to. I’m not ____________________________.
5 I was ___________________ and made a quick decision to expand into Asia and I think
I ____________________________ because it’s more difficult than I expected.


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