Test d anglais B1 – A study of expressions with ‘take’

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B1+

There are lots of expressions with ‘take’.
Complete the gaps with ‘advantage/stock/charge/turns/umbrage/part/place/granted’ to make the expressions defined.

Test d anglais
1 take ________________                 to participate
2 take for _________________        to underestimate the value of, not appreciate
3 take ____________________      to assume control
4 take ____________________      to happen
5 take ___________________         to do things in rotation
6 take __________________ of       to make good use of the opportunities offered
7 take __________________            to review (a situation, etc.)
8 take __________________            to be offended or annoyed

Complete these sentences with the above verb and noun combinations:

1 We take _______________ chairing the meetings where I work. This week Jane did it and next week I will do it.
2 We are going to take _________________________ the bank holiday and update our webpage while no one is working.
3 Before we spend more money on advertising we need to take _________________ and decide whether the money we have spent so far has had a positive effect on sales.
4 The sales manager took ______________________ at the criticism of his sales figures.
5 “When did the accident take _______________________?” “At two o’clock.”
6 The project was going nowhere, so Karen took ________________ and began to organise things.
7 Whenever we have a problem with the Internet I realise how much we take _____________________ something that we didn’t even have 20 years ago.
8 All senior managers are obliged to take ________________ in annual training courses.


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