Test d anglais B1 – A study of animal idioms

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau B1+

Complete the following idioms with the correct animals. The pictures give you clues.


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1 as quiet as a _____________ very quiet
2 the __________ race a fiercely competitive struggle for position, power, etc.
3 the under__________ a person who is in a state of inferiority
4 kill two _____ with one stone to achieve two objectives with one action
5 let the _______ out of the bag to reveal a secret
6 be a scape__________ to be the person everyone blames for something bad
7 a __________ night an all-male celebration in honour of a man about to marry
8 a __________ party an all-female celebration in honour of a woman about to marry


Complete these sentences with the idioms above:

1 They sacked John, but he was not really to blame. He’s just the _____________________.
2 I’m learning to be a hairdresser and would like someone to practise on. Would you mind being
my _____________________?
3 If you pay with your credit card, you get air miles and travel insurance, so you ______________
4 Steve’s getting married next week, so we’ve arranged a _____________________ for him.
5 Mary knows about the surprise party. Someone must have _____________________________.
6 Manny Pacquiao was the _______________________ when he fought Floyd Mayweather.
7 We gave up the _____________________ and bought a bakery in a small village on the coast.
8 It is popular for all the women at a _________________ to wear something similar, like a T-shirt
with the future bride’s name.
9 You would never know Jane is in the office. She is ___________________________.


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