Test d anglais A2 – A study of man idioms

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Ce flash test d anglais correspond à un niveau A2+

There are lots of expressions with ‘man’ in English.

Match them to these definitions:

Test d anglais

1 be someone’s (or the) man

2 be man enough

3 man-made

4 man to man

5 be one’s own man

6 a yes man

__ be independent
__ created or caused by human beings
__ a person who always agrees with their superiors
__ be the person perfectly suited to a requirement or task
__ be sufficiently brave
__ in a direct and frank way between two people


Rewrite these statements using the expressions above

1 Can I speak to you directly?
2 I prefer clothes made from natural materials.
3 You can’t tell Colin what to do, he makes his own decisions.
4 If you need your PC repaired, I can do it. I’ve just finished an IT course.
5 He never disagrees with his boss, even when he knows the boss is wrong.
6 He’s such a coward. He wasn’t brave enough to admit his mistake.


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